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Gas Piping and Gas Line Installation - Gainesville, Gas ServicesGas Piping and Gas Line Installations

Many homes have Natural or LP gas piping supplying gas to their home appliances. Natural and LP gases are clean burning fuels and offer more energy efficient appliances for the home. These piping systems can develop leaks over time that will require repair. It is advised you have the gas piping tested for leaks periodically.

Gas leak repair  –  Gas piping installation  –  Leak investigations

gas water heater installations - Gainesville - Gas ServicesGas Appliance Maintenance

Just like maintaining your vehicle with periodic service, you should have gas appliances checked periodically, such as your gas water heater. Water heaters can be repaired if the control valve, thermocouple or temperature pressure relief valve leaks. If the water heater tank leaks it will need to be replaced. If the water heater is very old, it is often wiser to invest in a new more energy efficient water heater.

Red tag removal  –  Appliance conversions  –  Appliance repair  –  Water heater replacement  –  Lighting of pilots  –  Venting  –  Combustion air

Dryer and Dryer Vent Maintenance - Gainesville - Gas ServiceDryer and Dryer Vent Maintenance

It is recommended to have your dryer and dryer vent cleaned. The dryer lint screen should also be cleaned before each use. The effects of lint build up inside the dryer or dryer vent will cause the appliance to operate less efficiently and could cause a fire. Having the dryer and dryer vent cleaned will help avoid higher utility costs and possible fire from lint build up.

–  Dryer vent and dryer cleaning

Gas appliance red tag removal - Gainesville - Gas ServiceRed Tag

If a service provider Red Tags a gas appliance in your home, they are doing so because it is considered to be a safety hazard. In most cases the service provider does not offer repair services in lieu of red tagging the appliance. They do however recommend that you have a qualified person make the necessary repairs.

gas leak repair - gainesvilleLeak Investigations

A gas leak is dangerous and will require immediate attention. If you suspect that you may have a gas leak, we will provide a leak investigation to determine if there are any immediate concerns. If a leak is determined to be present within the gas piping system, we cannot restore gas service until repairs are made.

Carbon Monoxide alarm installation - Gainesville - Gas ServiceHome Protection

Installation of carbon monoxide detectors